Birgitte Riddersholm

Welcome. I am...

Birgitte Riddersholm

... and I a Human Design expert: I read peoples energy and help them understand themselves deep into their soul.

As a public speaker, I inspire large groups of people to be curious about the concept of "energy".

You might also know my spiritual female network: Wing Woman Network. Here, I host events and create unique retreats.

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The Power Of Human Design In Leadership

Named in Forbes as an Human Design Expert, after inspiring 100s of CEOs, professors, big thinkers and writers from all over the world about Human Design at World Economic Forums talent program Young Global Leaders.

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My vision

As a Manifesting Generater (one of 5 Human Design energy types), I am a powerhouse and produce energy from doing what I love. I am living my Dream Life, which is creating exactly what makes me happy - always!

I love inspiring people into transformation.
Either by telling my story from living in fear, into knowing myself deeply, from where I am manifesting my Dream Life. Or by mentoring top leaders to know their own energy type, so they can help hundrets or thousands of people to perform better.

Everthing is energy!
I believe in a Spiritual and Techical evolution, where the understanding and awareness of energy is the driving force. Together with wonderful people and companies, I walk in front to light up the path for generations to come.